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Mention Dry Rot or Wet Rot to anyone and the words breed fear, especially when elaborate and expensive treatments are mentioned to resolve the problem.


If dealt with quickly and effectively Dry Rot and Wet Rot can be remedied. However it is important to remember that Dry Rot and Wet Rot and other destructive decays are very serious and should be dealt with correctly, it is also very important that accurate diagnosis occurs to avoid unnecessary works.


Wet Rot will occur anywhere masonry becomes saturated for long periods of time. Wet Rot will flourish and timbers will decay over time, the most common Wet Rots are coniophora puteana and fibroporia vallanti. Dry Rot is the more destructive Rot and can cause serious and extensive damage if not diagnosed and treated effectively. Dry Rot will occur in areas that have been affected by small amounts of moisture and where the conditions are humid, Dry Rot is able to survive and flourish in lower levels of moisture.


Woodworm is often used to describe a whole Varity of wood boring insects. The more common beetles include common furniture beetle, death watch beetle and the weevil family.






In most situations most home owners are unaware that there is woodworm in their property and will only become aware once the life cycle is completed and the evidence becomes more obvious, or floorboards become unstable and collapse.


Knowing whether or not the infestation is active and if it requires treatment is the key to ensuring that you do not carry out unnecessary treatments and in some cases illegal treatments. We cannot always ensure that you will not need treatment but we can offer our professional opinion we will always act on your behalf when looking for a remedy. You should never just look at blanket treatments for the whole property unless there is a real need otherwise you can be exposing yourself and your family to harmful insecticide and pesticides for no reason.

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