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Living within a damp environment can create a whole host of structural and environmental defects within your home. Plaster deterioration and masonry erosion and all forms of fungal decay and many more symptoms are associated with moisture and dampness.


There are many reasons for moisture and water ingress in your property and it is very important that during any inspection of the property that the root cause of the source is remedied otherwise there will always be potential for more serious defects to occur.


The good news that many works do not require chemical treatments and are within the scope of a competent tradesperson depending on the defect.


Using a holistic approach and sourcing the cause of the problem and dealing with it at source can save you in some cases thousands of pounds. This can be especially important if you have a mortgage pending, or the property is listed, historic or period in date.



If you notice dampness within your property it is important to deal with it quickly and effectively and not to wait until a survey is required for re-mortgages or when a sale is pending. If you find yourself in a position that your survey suggests you seek advice from a "specialist contractor". You should always seek independent impartial advice.

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